How to Make Flowers from Dried Leaves for Home Decoration

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Dried leaves are one of the waste or garbage that pollutes the terrace. Dry leaf waste is also easy to find around the house.In low latitude countries such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Congo, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Madagascar, Suriname, Colombia, Micronesia, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Nicaragua and so on, there are various types of trees and plants. So many dry leaves are scattered around us. There are benefits that we can take from the dry leaves scattered around us. Well, know the benefits of these leaves and don't just think of them as garbage, because there is a way to make flowers from dry leaves.

In the hands of creative people, these dried leaves can be processed into interesting handicrafts, and even have a selling value.

This is how to make flowers from dried leaves in a simple way

To beautify your home decor, there is nothing wrong with taking something from nature. One of them is the beautiful autumn dry leaves. Then, you can make it as a craft or flower-shaped decoration.
This decorative craft is made entirely of dried leaves. However, there are also some additives used.

The process of making this dried leaf flower craft depends on what product you want to make. Because certain decorations must go through a process of immersion for coloring or by dipping directly in color paint. Well, how to make flowers from dry leaves you have to finish patiently and carefully so that the results are neat and beautiful.

Equipment for Making Flowers from Dried Leaves

The first thing you have to do is prepare the tools and materials. Make a concept of the flower shape that you want to make carefully. The tools and materials you need to prepare to make it include:

  1. Leaf
  2. Glue
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Scissor
  5. Flower vase
  6. Green crepe tape
  7. Small stick

How to make:

You can pick up dry leaves that fall on the lawn directly or by drying them. There are two processes for drying leaves, the first method is using a book and silica gel. If using a book, clean the leaves and place them on a thick book page, then cover with a tissue.

For the optimal water absorption process, then give space between pages. Then dry in the sun until completely dry.

The second way to dry the leaves is with silica gel. Clean the leaves and put them in a closed container containing silica gel. Allow a few moments until the silica gel absorbs the water content, so the leaves become dry.

This step in the drying process requires perfect results. Otherwise, the leaves will potentially rot easily. So make sure it is completely dry, it will generally take up to 5 days or depending on the thickness of the leaves.

You can use some dry leaves that are still flexible, so they are easy to shape. Here are the steps to make it.

  1. How to make flowers from the first dry leaves, remove the leaves from the mainframe by cutting them using scissors.
  2. If it has been divided into two, the pieces are smeared with glue.
  3. Twist, roll, and glue until it becomes a mini rose.
  4. Then take a stick as a stalk and glue the base of the rose with glue.
  5. Wrap the stem of the rose to the pistil using green tape.
  6. For the leaves, you can use the same leaves that are cut into leaf shapes. Then glue one or two leaf shapes to the stem by wrapping it with green tape.
  7. Wait until all the glue dries and then arrange it in a vase.

For crafts from dry leaves to produce good results, it requires high creativity. Although how to make flowers from dried leaves looks easy, it requires precision so that the results of the decorative arrangement are beautiful, beautiful, and attractive.

Here's a video on how to make flowers from dried leaves for decoration at home.