A solution to Reduce Plastic Waste by Making Candy Straws

The world is currently focusing on reducing plastic waste. Currently, the world's plastic waste production has reached 353 million tons in 2020. 40% of this waste comes from packaging, 12% from consumer goods, and 11% from textile clothing. As we all know, plastic waste takes a long time to decompose. Plastic waste takes 50 - 100 years to be decomposed by the bacterium Ideonella sakaiensis.

However, when the use of plastic can not be minimized. Because in everyday life we ​​still often encounter plastic waste. Such as straws, shopping bags, food wrappers, snacks, and much more. If the use of plastic is not immediately minimized, the existing plastic waste may continue to grow. Later, this plastic waste will have an impact on the environment around us.

There have been many cases of the environment being polluted due to plastic waste. Not infrequently the living things that inhabit the environment are also affected. They accidentally eat plastic waste, even to the point of injuring the animal. This of course will disrupt the stability of the ecosystem. When the ecosystem is disturbed, it can have an impact on human life.

Then, what is the solution to devastate this plastic waste?

One solution that is easy and can be done by everyone is to reduce the use of plastic straws. Plastic straws are one of the wastes that can pollute the environment. Plastic straws also take up to 20 years to decompose.

You can use plastic substitute raw materials as a straw maker. Like, candy, purun grass, or bamboo. Such materials can be easily decomposed by the microorganisms in the present.

How to make a straw from candy.

The raw material for making straws does not only come from plastic. However, it can also come from candy. The straw used can also be enjoyed, because it has a sweet taste. You can enjoy a glass of drink with a straw from candy without creating waste. The way of making it is also simple, you can make straws from candy with family, friends, or relatives. Here's how to make straws from candy.

Tools and Materials :

  1.    Crystal candy
  2.    Bread profile paper
  3.    Pan
  4.    Oven
  5.    Gloves
  6.    Chopsticks

Working steps:

  1.  Prepare tools and materials to make straws from candy.
  2.  Place the parchment paper on the baking sheet.
  3. Arrange 3 pieces of crystal candy or 100 grams on parchment paper.
  4. Place the chopsticks over the crystal candy. Make sure it's in the middle.
  5. Then put the pan into the oven. Heat until the crystal candy melts or
  6. heat for 3-5 minutes. 
  7. Remove the pan while it is hot. Do not forget to use gloves when processing straws from candy.
  8. Roll the candy around the chopsticks.
  9. Leave the straw mold to cool. When they have cooled, remove the chopsticks from the straw.
  10. Straws from candy are ready to use.

That was the solution to reduce plastic waste by making candy straws. The raw materials used are also simple, namely candy and chopsticks. The straws that are made can also be enjoyed, so they don't cause waste. You can make straws from candy with your parents, siblings, and friends. Good luck.

Here is a video on how to make straws from candy.