How to make herbarium crafts as a form of biome diversity in the world

How to make herbarium crafts as a form of biome diversity in the world

    The biome system is one way to study the distribution of flora in the world. Biome systems emphasize community dynamics based on ecosystem characteristics and climate regions. A biome is a large ecosystem with a wide area. It has a unique flora and fauna. Differences in geographical location and astronomical location make up the ecosystem. The biome system consists of several components, namely producers, consumers, and decomposers. In addition, there are cycles in the biome. The cycle begins with plants.

    A biome is a very large geographical area and is larger than an ecosystem. Biomes are named after the climate and the organisms that live there. Biomes are divided into several types. The types of biomes are determined based on climate, rainfall, geographical location, and the intensity of sunlight. There are 7 recognized types of biomes in the world. The grouping is based on the types of plants that live in the area. Examples include tropical rainforest biomes in countries such as Nigeria, Brazil and Indonesia, deciduous forest biomes in the eastern United States, Central Asia, and East Asia such as China, Korea, and Japan, prairie biomes in Africa, Australia, and America, and others. . This difference is used by the community to support daily activities. For example, people in Indonesia use teak tree leaves as food wrappers. Papuans use straw and reed grass as roofs for their houses. In addition, the flora in the biome can also be used to make crafts. For example, it is used for making dry leaf greeting cards. To be able to make a craft of dry leaf greeting cards in the use of the diversity of flora biomes in the world, follow these steps.

Tools and materials

  1. Dried leaves or dried plants
  2. Scissor
  3. Glue
  4. Frame/figure
  5. Silica gel

Making Steps

  1. Choose dry leaves that are attractive in color, shape, and leaf bone pattern. If necessary, also use certain flowers. The leaves that are often used for making handicrafts are: ferns leaves. Because Indonesia is in a tropical climate, it is easy to find ferns
  2. Make sure the leaves used are old enough, but not too dry. Avoid leaves that are very dry, because they are easily damaged.
  3. Dry the leaves in a closed container containing silica gel. Drying time is very dependent on the humidity of the leaves and the number of leaves inserted. Another way to dry the leaves is to place them in the center of the book. Then close the book tightly
  4. Prepare the frame from the wooden planks and make sure the surface is clean.
  5. Paint the photo frame to make it look more beautiful.
  6. Glue the dry leaves to the wooden board with wood glue. Adjust to the desired shape design.

    Here is a video for making dried leaf crafts (herbarium).