How to Make an Easy Corn Shell Pencil Case for Business Opportunities


    Corn is a commodity that has high productivity. Corn also has various uses ranging from feed, food, energy, and industrial raw materials. The increase in demand will continue to occur in line with population growth and improvement in welfare. Land potential and climate suitability (tropical) for planting corn are factors for the community to plant corn.

    However, not all parts of corn can be utilized. This creates waste, such as corn husks, corn cobs, and others. These wastes can be used as raw materials for handicrafts. For example, corn husks to make pencil holder crafts.

    How to make a pencil holder from corn husks will help train our creativity. From corn husks, many works have been born. Not only concerned with what are the benefits but also its beauty, it will grab the attention of many eyes.

    Maybe corn husks are often considered garbage. But make no mistake, it can be a source of wealth for anyone who wants to create. Crafts made from corn husks are an idea to support a creative business. Especially for those of you who have small capital.

    This corn husk has benefits that can produce a high selling value. Especially now that there are many decorative objects made of corn husks. You need to know, that you can turn corn husk recycling into handicrafts that you can also sell later.

How to make a pencil holder from corn husks

    Cornhusk is not only a business opportunity. But we can use it to decorate our homes to make them look more beautiful. There are many ideas for those of us who want to make handicrafts from leather. The key, you want to start even though the people around have not started.

    One of the crafts that we can make using corn husks is a pencil holder. We can also turn the corn husks into dolls, tissue holders, beautiful flowers, photo frames, decorative lamps, key chains, flower vases, baskets, and ethnic bags.

    Besides the many crafts that we can make using corn husks, one of the most interesting creations is a pencil holder. With the manufacture of pencil cases from corn husks, on the other hand, we can use them ourselves, but we can also sell them. How the process of making it, here is the tutorial.

How to make :

    For how to make a pencil holder from corn husks, you can combine it using an old can. The materials and tools that must be prepared are used cans that have been cleaned and of medium size, dried corn husks, thread, and small size ropes.

    Can't forget is glue. After all the materials and tools are available, proceed to the discussion of the steps like what and how.

  1. First, you have to clean the used cans. When it is clean, you can immediately dry it.
  2. After that, attach the dry corn husks using glue.
  3. Make sure in the attachment, the corn husk is glued. This is so that later when decorating, no skin peels off or falls off. If necessary, after attaching the skin to the can, you can dry the glue by drying it for a while.
  4. When it's dry, wrap a small rope and string around the can. The coil serves as a decoration. That way, wrap it neatly.
  5. So that the decoration can stick perfectly, before finishing you can dry it first.
  6. Finally, after drying, you can immediately use or paint the corn husk pencil case.

It's very easy, isn't it, how to make a pencil holder from corn husks?

Benefits of making a pencil case from corn husks

    Maybe a pencil case from corn husks looks trivial. It is not impossible for how many people it might be profitable. We should prove it first before giving an assessment. Processing corn husks will provide many benefits and advantages.

    We can mix and match corn husks with other used materials to make it a different pencil holder than usual. Can give color, decorate with flowers from corn husks, or provide other decorations that can attract attention.

    If the people around you are not aware of the benefits of corn husks, immediately start to create jobs in your neighborhood.

    Because it's not impossible, if you start how to make a pencil holder from corn husks as a business, in the future you can recruit people around who don't have jobs. Although the process still has to be patient too long.

Here's a video on how to make an easy way to make a pencil holder from corn husks