How to make a unique coconut shell bowl with a high functional value

Many activities can be done to preserve the environment. Making handicrafts from used goods is one of the activities and activities in preserving the surrounding environment. These used goods can harm your environment. Used materials and a lot of garbage will give the impression of an unhealthy environment. Because some of the existing used goods, require tens or even hundreds of years to decompose in nature. The problem of used goods/garbage occurs in many countries in the world. Such as Indonesia, India, the United States, China, and Brazil. There are many activities that the government and residents can do to reduce pollution. Including coconut shells, you can use them like a bowl. Coconut shell bowls that are sold, sell well in the market. What's more, the world is currently incessantly promoting the production of raw materials using organic materials. So that we can help governments and even the world, to create sustainable development. How is it made? Check out the full review below.

This is How to Make a Unique and Easy to Follow Coconut Shell Bowl

Coconut trees do have many benefits. Starting from the leaves, stems, the fruit can be used for various purposes. Coconut shell waste material can also be used as handicrafts that have a high selling value. 

Not many people know how to recycle coconut shells or shells into valuable waste and have a fairly high selling value. 

Coconut shell waste or people who know it better with coconut shells can be used as eating utensils. Especially if it's not a bowl. 

Coconut shells can be used to make bowls and other crafts that have benefits for everyday life.

Unique, even if you eat using coconut shells that have been transformed into valuable items in the form of a bowl. Curious how it's made? Here's how to make a coconut shell bowl. 

Materials and tools 

  1. Hacksaw 
  2. mineral oil 
  3. Small brush 
  4. Fine sandpaper 
  5. Wood glue 
  6. Old coconut shell 
  7. Markers and catheters if needed

How to make

  1. Prepare tools and materials to make crafts from coconut shells. 
  2. Cut the coconut shell, about 1/3 of the way. Use a hacksaw to make it look neater 
  3. After that, clean the coconut shell using sandpaper on the outside and inside. If there is still coconut coir on the outside, it can be cleaned first. Use a catheter or other tool to clean the coconut husk. Clean until completely smooth 
  4. Then make 1/3 part and the other 2/3 as bowl legs. The trick is to cut a bit of the convex side of the coconut shell. This is done so that it is easier for you to glue the legs and the bowl. After that, you can smooth it again. 
  5. To be more attractive, can be given decorations or carvings. Adjust to individual tastes. 
  6. The last step is to coat 2 parts of the coconut shell with mineral oil. Use a brush to make it easier and look beautiful. After that, dry the coconut shell that you have made for at least 24 hours.

This coconut shell bowl is a product that is safe to use as a kitchen utensil. Why is that? Because this bowl is not coated with chemicals that are harmful to its users. 

The material is made of wood surface coating material. So you can use it as a convenient kitchen utensil. How to make it very simple is not it? If you have a coconut shell that is not used anymore, you can make it a useful craft and have a high selling value. 

Other crafts that can also be made using coconut shells are making rice ladles, toys, key chains, vases, ashtrays, and other versatile objects. Just hone your creativity. Produce objects that are not only attractive but also have functional value. 

This coconut shell craft has many fans. In addition to the materials used is easy to find, this craft is also beautiful and suitable for use as decoration in the room so that it will add to the aesthetics. What's more, the brown color seems to blend with nature. You can try to make a coconut shell bowl at home and use it as a unique place to eat. 

Here's a video to make a bowl from coconut shells