How to Select a Polygon Shapefile in ArcGIS

In digital data processing such as ArcGIS. We often still can't tell the difference between one tool and another. The limitations of the terms in ArcGIS make us confused in doing the processing, because using one software to another is certainly different so it needs further understanding and practice.


In this article, I will share an article about how tools in ArcGIS can make selecting polygons with the criteria that we have specified. For example, we have a landslide-prone map in a district with various parameters, but we only want to see the distribution of settlements that have high disaster-prone areas, so the tools used are the Select tools. So we can know the distribution.


The following are examples and steps on how to use the select tool:

  • · Open ArcMap
  • · Make sure you have data to be processed based on the selection of certain data
  • · Open the table by selecting the Open Attribute Table option and then make sure the data you want to select. Here I will select a polygon with “Land Use” = “Settlements” and “UTM Soil” = “Dark Red Mediterranean and Regosols”
  • · Open the ArcToolbox panel > Extract > Select, then fill in the Input Features with the shapefile (shapefile) you want to process, Output features with the correct storage location, Expression with SQL formulas. Calm down, this formula is easy, how to use it, click the SQL icon

  • · After clicking the SQL Icon, the Querry Builder window along with the calculator will appear, the box at the top is the name of the table in the Attribute Table, the box in the middle is the name of each column of the Attribute Table, the box at the bottom is the SQL formula entry.

  • · Because we will be looking for a polygon with ”Guna_Lahan” = “Permukiman” and “UTM_Tanah” = “Mediteran Merah dan Regosol”, a formula like this will come out with ”Guna_Lahan” = “Permukiman”  AND “UTM_Tanah” = “Mediteran Merah dan Regosol”
  • · After that click OK
  • · Then the result will be like the red polygon below

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